Sneakers for tourists or just another Fashion?

Okay, let’s look at the inner world of the sneaker.
At the top there is the usual heel tape. Moreover, open here sloppy, there are visual jambs.
It is thin and slightly cup-shaped. He has a foot length of 270 mm, and he wears shoes in sizes 42-43. Looks natural, but not very high quality. Cotton laces, with a rare weave, look cheap and unreliable. At the same time, you can look at the main distinguishing feature of this shoe. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
Let’s look at the left from all sides.
But for me, the main thing is that the heel counter is soft. She’s still in the same tracking style. Almost the same details as outside.
I measured the insoles.
Sneakers have regular length laces. But that they weigh impressively, I was not very happy.
The base material of sneakers is suede.

Time will tell how comfortable and durable these sneakers are when worn in the city.If anyone is interested, I will update the review in a month. A layer of suede, a layer of leatherette and that’s it. On the toe and heel lining made of leatherette. There are no big bugs anywhere. But this is not a surprise. Sneakers arrive, like all shoes from Rosegal and Dresslily, in a bag with mega-pimples. Sometimes such a deception is only worth the money spent. Let’s look at the outsole. Well, I gave the sneakers to my nephew.He says that he is comfortable.
When walking long distances, all this can be felt on your feet (((
The blue elements are molded a little messy.
There is nothing interesting on the inside of the foot. But these cord knots under a thin insole are somehow not encouraging. For sports shoes it is Li-Ning, Anta, 361°, Onemix, for hiking shoes Clorts. It seems to me that this should not be so.
Let’s get the insole. As This, as I understand it,
place under the brand name.
On the tongue there is a large patch with Fashion, which I would have no name without this inscription.
By the way, the sole is molded quite decently. Let’s get acquainted with the details. And sometimes it can cost much more – the price of his health, or even life.
Oh well, you don’t need to buy them anyway))) One would like to call them hiking shoes, but what if they are trekking shoes? I will not hang labels on what I do not understand, the more I have to figure out whether these shoes are suitable for at least some kind of trips. That’s why I don’t like Chinese manufacturers – they, without blinking an eye, make things that are not endowed with the declared functionality, but only imitate it. No support insert.

It is so "high-quality" that the inscription is difficult to read. Just to sell. By the way, you can call these sneakers low shoes, it’s just that the first one is more familiar to me.
Nothing is written on the back.
In my opinion, at least some guarantee to get good shoes from China is a brand.
The inside is lined with fabric with soft inserts (probably foam rubber). While I can’t say anything about it, time will tell how durable and convenient it is.
Lacing through metal blocks. Let’s move on to fitting.
On the side there is also a small stripe with the same Fashion.
We take it out of the package. Looks like typical hiking boots. According to the size grid, the sneakers turned out to be 44 sizes. But branded shoes are not given for review, so you have to try your luck with a noname. It is still difficult to say how practical the tread pattern is. Sewn around the edges is still more or less normal. Now
The shoes in question are out of stock. On the other hand, there is hope for solid soles.
Sneaker size 44 is marked on the front. If you’re short on money and need some hiking shoes, check out Decathlon’s Quechua or Hi-Tec and Karrimor in English stores. Very controversial decision
scratched during the intended use, it would be better if they were made of rubber.
For tourist shoes, a complex cut of pieces and stripes is not good.
There was a non-woven sticker under the insole, but it fell off.

I ordered sneakers for my nephew.
Sneakers are more or less the same in length.

Sneakers for tourists or just another Fashion?

Nevertheless, this is a good reason to see what awaits too gullible tourists. I must say right away that I didn’t need tourist shoes, but just “slippers for free” to kill my nephew.

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