Best Site to Buy Concert Tickets

best site to buy concert tickets

Best Site to Buy Concert Tickets

If you’re in search of the best site to buy concert tickets, you’re in the right place. While it’s a challenge to choose one there are plenty of choices. SeatGeek, Gigsandtours and Live Nation are all great options to find the top tickets for your next event. However, before making your final decision take a look at the websites we suggest. Here five sites are our favorites.


Ticketmaster is one of the most prominent ticket sales businesses worldwide. It was acquired by the Live Nation entertainment company in 2008, making it one of the largest corporations in the field of entertainment. It is known for offering unbeatable prices and offering the most comfortable seats at any event. Ticketmaster is the most reliable site for concert-goers and anyone looking to get tickets for less.

The site of Ticketmaster is simple to use and also provides a 3D representation of the seating area. Tickets are sold directly from ticket holders licensed ticket sellers box offices, and other ticket agencies. SeatGeek offers buyers a buyer’s guarantee in the event that you buy the wrong ticket or cancel your order. In addition, SeatGeek has a 3D interactive seating map that’s easy to navigate. Ticketmaster Customer service representatives are available to answer questions regarding the process of purchasing tickets.

The best thing about TicketMaster is its simplicity of use and support for customers. Customers can upgrade, exchange or cancel tickets prior to 48 hours prior to the concert date. The site also provides FlexPay and ticket insurance. The site also charges a fee when you pay for your purchase, which could be as high as 23% of the subtotal. This is not a problem for most ticketing companies. However, a lot of companies do not disclose their fees for service. It is important to note that Ticketmaster remains the best place to buy concert tickets.

Gigs & Tours is another great option. S.J.M., a leading UK concert promoter, runs the company Gigs & Tours. S.J.M. is a renowned UK concert promoter owns Concerts Gigs & Travels. They are able to provide tickets to various events and concerts. With a simple web site and an app, this site is easy to navigate. Gigs & Tours showcases the most famous names in the world of music. The site offers search options by genre or venue.

It is important to compare prices when purchasing tickets to concerts. Ticketsmaster’s prices are excessive for many consumers. There are many alternatives to Ticketmaster. Other websites offer a greater selection of concert tickets and offer lower prices. Customers also have the option to customize their purchase. It’s a large investment to purchase tickets for a concert, so make sure to do your research before buying.


It is operated by a prominent music promoter S.J.M. S.J.M. is a major music promoter, runs Concerts, Gigs & Tours. The site provides access to events, concerts tours, as well as other entertainment. The website’s homepage features the biggest names in music and allows users to sort their search by genre or location for the most suitable tickets. You can filter the results according to price and location in order to find the most affordable seats.

Another excellent benefit is the fact that Gigs & Tours updates its customers about the status of tickets and tweets about sold-out performers. Fans can purchase tickets online and then sell them to fans attending concerts. Ticketmaster also offers an option for resales, however it will take an extended time for your money to be returned. However, Gigs & Tours’ service does provide a finance option, so it might be worth a try for people with good credit.

If you’re looking to purchase tickets to a concert, stand-up comedy show, or gig, the top websites to purchase tickets to concerts will allow you to find legitimate and affordable seats. While some sites specialize in one particular genre, others will be open to everyone. Gigsandtours regardless of your preference is the best site to purchase tickets for concerts. Before you make a purchase be sure to verify the availability, price as well as seating arrangements and other details of each site.

StubHub is the biggest online marketplace for tickets, with more than 10 million events you can select from. Although the prices on StubHub are more expensive than cost of tickets, they could nevertheless be an alternative for those who don’t have enough money. Sellers are also able to make their own prices available on the site which is great for buyers without access to cash.

Live Nation

Live Nation, the largest online seller of concert tickets, has reported its best quarter to date. Live Nation sold over 500 million tickets in March, and has more than 1,000,000 online visitors. Its sponsorship team is able to connect national, local and international brands to fans. It has over the 93 million people who are fans, and also hosts events and concerts across 40 countries. Its sales numbers are growing and the inventory of its stores is growing at a rapid pace.

Even though Live Nation merged in 2010 with Ticketmaster however, it remains an international platform. The UK version is focused on music events and gives users a more streamlined experience. It features photos from extravagant performances and shows. Live Nation, however, isn’t a ticketing agency similar to other ticket websites. It directs customers to another site where they can buy concert tickets. Affiliate links on its website could be relevant to the purchase you made.

You can also find concerts for theaters, amphitheaters, clubs, and more on the site. Its concert listings include shows by Backstreet Boys, Halsey, Machine Gun Kelly, Imagine Dragons, Shawn Mendes, Wiz Khalifa & Logic, Wu-Tang Clam & Nas, Zac Brown Band and many numerous others. There are more than a million events worldwide on Viagogo.

A lot of people worry that purchasing concert tickets will mean they’ll lose their money in the event the concert is cancelled. But the reality is that you will not. Most ticket sites have some sort of refund policy. Certain sites offer credit notes to be used on a subsequent event, while some permit you to go to a different concert. These guidelines are intended to protect consumers, but they aren’t a guarantee that you won’t be able to lose your funds if the purchase doesn’t work out.

The app developed by StubHub is user-friendly and allows you to access your tickets on the day of the event. Once you are inside the venue you simply need to scan the barcode in order to enter. It’s also very easy to follow your favorite artists. You can even get alerts regarding events happening in your local area. Even though Live Nation does not have an app, its website is simple to use and clearly outlines the steps to purchase the tickets you’d like. If you’re that kind that doesn’t like to be waiting for the next concert and wants to sell tickets.


Ticket brokers are a dime a dozen nowadays, and SeatGeek is no exception. While SeatGeek does not directly sell tickets, it is a broker for tickets purchased from third-party vendors. As such, there is no guarantee that the ticket will be transferred process, and the site isn’t equipped Legit Ticket Sites with a customer service system. Furthermore, the website rarely responds to interruptions in service. It is difficult to tell the likelihood that SeatGeek can make money.

Utilizing a ticket site to purchase concert tickets could be a daunting task However, SeatGeek helps by combining the ease of the internet and the convenience megaseats tickets of word-of-mouth. The SeatGeek site is the ideal venue to find concert tickets because it allows you to browse the pages of artists and look for seats that are available. SeatGeek is an excellent site to begin looking for bargains.

SeatGeek offers a variety of deals on concert tickets and even has an app for mobile devices. Customers can also get notifications via email for their favourite shows. Furthermore, they provide an intuitive search engine which allows users to examine ticket prices across various ticketing sites. They also include all fees in the ticket price thus making it a fantastic source to purchase tickets to concerts. And, if you’re worried about safety, SeatGeek’s trustworthy sellers offer security assurances for their customers.

There is also an informational guide for buyers on the website as well as a section which lets you know if a ticket has been authenticated. SeatGeek membership provides access to an extensive collection of concert tickets which includes tickets purchased from ticket brokers and individuals who are ticket holders. It also provides the Buyer’s Guarantee, which provides a 100% refund the case that a ticket is bought incorrectly. In spite of its limited inventory, SeatGeek boasts a streamlined checkout process, and 3D seating maps.

The best time to buy tickets for concerts is one week before the event. Although some ticket brokers declare no service fee tickets, they will mark up the prices. Those sites will show an „all-in” price for the tickets, but then add fees at the check-out stage. This can help you avoid paying a high price for tickets. But if you’re worried about going to a show and not seeing it, try to wait a few weeks before purchasing tickets.

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